Monday, December 15, 2008

Twin Fang

I really, Really wanted the World of Warcraft  concept art job, so after I did my test I did one more Twin Fang Mountain, inhabited by monks and wizards who worshiped a blushish crystal that fell to Azeroth. The crystal causes the wizards and monks to go a bit insane and paranoid, so the buitl their citadel inbetwene these two peaks.


  1. Great stuff Bill. Glad to see some new stuff as well as some nuggets from the past. :)


  2. If monorail is your concept - its BEEN used. In WOTLK there is an area called Grizzly hills. And there they got the same exact..well "monorail-gondolas" as i see here...

  3. Yeah I saw that! Those sneaky guys at WOW, I tell ya! I came up with this BEFORE Wrath of the Lich King came out. So I didn't rip them off!

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