Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mona in Paris

This is a color design (not a final costume design or drawing) of Mona when she is in Paris in A Vampyre Story 3. I want the game to take place in the day time, so Mona has adapted by wearing a wide brim hat, a veil over that, and a scarf that covers her face, and long gloves to cover her arms. As long as she has feed quite a bit, she can endure the daylight, just like Dracula in the book and the Francis Ford Coppala movie. I didn’t want her to always be in black and purple. That would get tiresome after a while. So she will be wearing some sort of Victorian dress like this one in AVS3.

Lord of the Rings Moria level

After my six month stint at Arena. Net I boogied on down to Stormfront to design new areas not seen in the Lord of the Rings movie for EA's Lord of the Rings Games. thsi was one area. Those huge columns we impressive and ominus and I wondered how they made them so I picture soemthing like this image, with carvers working from the top down on scafolding and using these dwarf powered lifts to get dwarves and supplies up and down the columns. Eeriely I did this image just a month before 9/11 and at the time I thought it kind of looked like the World Trade center. So I can't look at this image with out think of those towers now. thsi level was cut from the game by Neil Young who didn't want areas that were not in the movie. A lot of work for nothing.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Deranged Proffesor

This guy I figured was deranged proffesor from Cambridge. Could be a villan or just an odd side character.

Now that I look at it, definitely villan.

Father's Day Shoot Out

This was a Father's Day card for my step father Jerry, who likes to shoot these guys,  stuff 'em and then mount their heads on a wall to freak out my kids.  But other than that he is a great step father!

Robot Assassin Attack Tiger Team Go!

This here is a robot assassin that will be in Autumn Moons first episodic adventure game serial, IF we ever get any investors for it (big 'if'). It is a retro sci fi killer inspired by the movie Forbidden Planet. If you are an invetsor email me please!

2004 Christmas Card

This was our Christmas card from '04. I spent housr putting this together and was it ever a big pain in the @$$! I love those Rankin Bass holiday specials. They a really are beautiful. Myzaki actaully used to work on some of these shows too, oddly enough.

The Lucky Carms of Money Island
Lucky Charm's web site seems to be a bit inspired by a cool pirate game made by Lucas Arts.  Look at the above images and then go to the Lucky Charms page. See if you notice any influnce there. Now, if only I could figure out how to get paid for all this influencing I'm doing...hmmmmm.

Did I influnce World of Warcraft a little? Maybe.

I made a portfoli web page back in 2001 (the bottom image) and i noticed this cosmic map in Burning Crusade in 2007. Notice anything simiar? A Blizzard producer once told me the art in Curse of Monkey Island blew away the art in the Warcraft Adventure game and so they decided to cancel it. And when I interviewed the Art Director for WOW and aske dis puerto Pollo from CMI was the inpsiartion for Booty Bay, he said it was defineitly one of them. So my thinking is maybe they looked at my web page and were inspired by that too? What do you think?

Big Castle

I like drawing and paintign large objects like castles, mountains and sky scrappers. The enormity of such objects give me a sense of awe. even though ironically I am not fond of heights. And NO! I am not compenstaing for something!!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Twin Fang

I really, Really wanted the World of Warcraft  concept art job, so after I did my test I did one more Twin Fang Mountain, inhabited by monks and wizards who worshiped a blushish crystal that fell to Azeroth. The crystal causes the wizards and monks to go a bit insane and paranoid, so the buitl their citadel inbetwene these two peaks.

Darth Shrowd

Darth Shrowd. Can brown be an evil color? Maybe.

Tallest building in the world

Figure out which one is the fake super tall sky scrapper that I deisgned.

Coyote Spit

Coyote Spit was a town in a version of Full throttle that wans't made. 'Nuff said (grumble, grumble)

Saw Mill

My step father likes to hunt and collect hunting art, so this was the closets thing I could do that I think he would have liked, a old saw mill just belwo a pinnicale rock.
Unfinsihed Purple Monster.

Dungeonas and Dorks

Some D&D stuff for you. One is a map of the game play area known as Whyven. Notice the name of the town by the river? Rothingham. It was chnaged to rottingham and was the name I suggetsed for the Piartein Curse of Monkey Island. So this si where his name came form. Threepwood I heard came for a forest in a Dave Grossman D&D game. The other two are villians from the game.

Huanted House Attraction

I love Disneyland and would love to deign an atraction for it, and this is sort of my idea for it, a huge victorian house built around a rock spire. the drawing was in ink and then I did a color rough of it in Photoshop.

Puerto Pollo Fort

This was an early deisgn for the fort in Curse of Monkey Island, Figured I better put up a bright and happy image to counter mister ghoul below.

Nightmare Ghoul

It was getting near Halloween and I was thinking about cool monsters for movies, and I thought "You know there are not any movies about ghouls, -carrion eating monsters." So this is my concept for a ghoul monster if they ever made a live action movie. This would scare me I am pretty sure.

Doodles Part 2

     Couple more character doodles. Lord byron is my attempt to do Herschfeld. i have NO idea what Lord Byron loks like. i just did this guy and felt he seemed LordByron-esque. The other is of a witch gilr, and Inever did finish her hands so just pretend they are drawn and we are good to go.

Doodles Part1

These are just a couple of doodles I did using Alias Sketchbook on a tablet PC. One is George Carlin and the other some guy named frank. Sketchbook is a great drawing program for the tablet PC, but is not great with a Kurta

Space Base Closet

I used to have a sliding door closet in my room above a stairwell to the basement when I was a kid.  I to pretended it wa s aspace base and put all my space ships on the shelves. I even blew off an M40 in there to simulate an attack. This is what I saw in my mind's eye when I was playing.

Drenzla Reborn!

This is a drawing of Drenzla from the Dungeosn and Dragons Module Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth. I love hot vampire chicks!

Four Arms!

Proof Darth Searin had four arms BEFORE General Grievious!

Another Stormy Day

This is another stormy day image I saw outside my window at Lucas Arts. This was the winter of 'no ble skies.' when El Nino caused us to have 30+ striaght days of rain. Storms creat verys intersting shpes and cuase the ligth sources from the sky, usually the usn, to come form random directions, which I think is pretty cool.

Ghost Knight

I had a book of huanted castles in my library so when I was inbetween projects at Lucas I painted this image based on the black and white photos. I added the knight just for fun, thinking he was a ghost that haunted the grounds. maybe he dies while protecting it an now he is doomed, forever cursed to gurad the ruins. 

        I thought Darth Maul was the coolest character design in the new Star Wars Films before I actually saw them. I was inspired to make my own Sith, her name is Darth Searin. I wanted her to look a bit like a  kabuki spirit. I thought she might have four arms, and cybernetic snake body below the waste and use the light sabers she took off Jedi's she had slain. Seems George and I had similar ideas since General Grievous was part robot and had four arms and used light sabers taken off his Jedi victims. I do not think George took my idea though legally he could because I was working for him at the time. I think we were both just thinking what might be cool for a new Sith villain to have. Two blades were cool! What about four?! That sort of thing.

back in 2004 I think, I wasn't happy working at Midway, so I tried to get a job at Blizzard, and this was my test art. It is a Foresaken fort at the entrnace to a Harbor whic I called Port Forlorn. They liked it but they closed down Blizzard North and filled the position from that group.
       When I was at Lucas I had a desk by an east facing window and I saw this cool cloud one day after a rain storm. I guess this is what they call a color study, which i guess mean I studied it and it is in color.
I have a lot to say but I can't spell, type and I mumble so low I might as well not evn be talking, so I am just going to speak with my drarwings if that is ok with you all.