Thursday, December 18, 2008

Lord of the Rings Moria level

After my six month stint at Arena. Net I boogied on down to Stormfront to design new areas not seen in the Lord of the Rings movie for EA's Lord of the Rings Games. thsi was one area. Those huge columns we impressive and ominus and I wondered how they made them so I picture soemthing like this image, with carvers working from the top down on scafolding and using these dwarf powered lifts to get dwarves and supplies up and down the columns. Eeriely I did this image just a month before 9/11 and at the time I thought it kind of looked like the World Trade center. So I can't look at this image with out think of those towers now. thsi level was cut from the game by Neil Young who didn't want areas that were not in the movie. A lot of work for nothing.

1 comment:

  1. If you say "a lot of work" how much time did you spend on this image?

    And I don't think it was for nothing. If so why did you upload it then? I guess, you wanted to present it to a broader audience.

    If you hadn't mentioned the twin towers, I've never thought of that "metaphor". Now I just see these twin towers as a silhouette in this painting.