Monday, June 8, 2009

CMI and POTC Movie

Is it me or do these images look similar?

Sunday, June 7, 2009

New MI1 special edition

Back in 1998 I wanted to re do the Secret of Monkey Island with the CMI art style. I made this image to get the idea off the ground, but Lucas management wasn't interested at the time. I'm glad the new Lucas Arts president has seen the light. Anyway I just thought I'd share this with you all.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cool Art Web site

I wanted to share with you a good art web site that i go to all the time called Not sure what the CC stands for (community College maybe), but it has a wide sample of classic art and art from modern science fiction and fantasy artists. Go check it out!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

AG Logo

Notice anything different about this logo?

Yep. The guns. I was told that might imply that adventure games have a lot of shooting. So I was asked to changed it. So I did, to an idol and a Torch. I agree. Good call AG!

More Character Doodles

When I was young I never drew cartoon characters or anything whimsical. but now that is all I seem to like doing is drawing weird and unusual faces. Here are a few.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Did I post this yet?

I can't remember. Anyway this was justa color comp of a mountain I was doing, seeing how this color scheme might work.

Old Cowboy

Some nights I just start sketching in Alias Sketchbook and come up with unplanned for doodles or characters. This is one of them, a grizzled old cow boy who has shrunk due to old age and hasn't bothered to get new shirts.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

More Two Towers

When i was working at Stormfront on EA's The Two Towers game, we came up with a good deisgn system for the levels. First the level designer would make a blue print of the level on graph paper. He would indicate height of the terain, positions of buildings, and locations of characters. A lelv modeler would scan the drawing in and lay it over a flat 3d planne, then raise the emsh to the correct height and place in basic shapes to stand in for house and trees. The we owuld throw in soem basic lights. After that we would take 12 or so screen shots of various locatiosn in the level and then draw over them and if we had time color them as well. Then the set and props modelers would take these drawing and build the whole level as closely to the drawings as possible. It worked out pretty good. It was my job to makse sure the final level looked as close to the drawings and aintigns that EA approved as possible. It was fun but that project was very stressful.

Tomb Robbers

This was an image I did for Indian Jones and the Infernal Machine , a 3d Inday game that ripped off Tomb Raider or was an homage. Take your pick. I like this image ebcause it shows how little respect tomb raiders/ grave robbers have for history and other cultures.