Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mona in Paris

This is a color design (not a final costume design or drawing) of Mona when she is in Paris in A Vampyre Story 3. I want the game to take place in the day time, so Mona has adapted by wearing a wide brim hat, a veil over that, and a scarf that covers her face, and long gloves to cover her arms. As long as she has feed quite a bit, she can endure the daylight, just like Dracula in the book and the Francis Ford Coppala movie. I didn’t want her to always be in black and purple. That would get tiresome after a while. So she will be wearing some sort of Victorian dress like this one in AVS3.


  1. Hi there Bill!
    So go you have started a blog. You have a lot of cool stuff in here.

    I'll be looking forward for more awesomeness.

    - Sam
    (from The Dig Musuem)

  2. Hey!
    I really like the design.
    I would personally like her to wear round "granny"-sunglasses, since:
    a.) Vampires mostly hate the light of the day because it hurts their eyes, as far as I know :P and
    b.) it would add a another neat little (MI-like?) anachronism to the game.

    If you guys gave Mona those sunglasses you could also consider pulling down her scarf a little bit, since I kinda imagine it being pretty annoying to hear Mona mumbling through the cloth all the time. The scarf shurely rounds up the dresses composition but covering Mona's mouth, it kinda makes her look like some kind of ninja, serious assassin -type ... doesn't really fit.

  3. I am a fan for AVS, so it is great news for me to hear that it has 3rd release and even I will be happier it is more longer than AVS 1 and that there will be AVS 4

  4. For some reason, this reminds me of Roger from "American Dad!"

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