Friday, April 8, 2011

POTC Strange Tides and Ghost Pirate of Vooju Island

A fan of Ghost pirates said the new character form the Pirates of the Caribbean On Strange Tides or is that Stranger Tides?...anyway... looked a lot like Jane Starling. I think she does. though not legal exactly like her, not enough to break any laws. So here are the similarities:-  they are both: Spanish, long dark hair, big wide hat,  feather in hat, long  thigh high boots, con artist/ spy, maroon and brown clothes, vest thing, and puffy shirt, master of disguises, tricks/ seduces people to get what she wants, orphans, buckle in hat, both pirates That seems like a lot of similarities to be coincidental to me. And these guys took from a pirate adventure game I worked on before (Curse of Monkey Island), what would stop them from doing it again? They took/ bought the On Strange Tides story from an idea given to them from Ron Gilbert, who said he got the ideas for Secret of Monkey Island from the Stephen Powers book On Strange Tides. So they obviously read Ron Gilbert's gamer blog. They worked on games for Spielberg, and the Monkey Island move for Speilberg, the one ILM was doing. So why wouldn't they look at a pirate game by one of the MI artist?
And I thought I'd add mermaids and zombies to my game because we didn't really have them in Monkey Island when I was at Lucas, except Zombie Le Chuck. So I wanted to add idea into my game that had not been in a Monkey Island game before. So lo! and Behold! There they are in the movie- mermaids and zombies! So again none of these idea are copyrightable, so no laws were broken at all, and I am complemented they liked my ideas well enough to use them in their movie. I just wish they through a little credit my way. Might be asking too much? Let me not be a hypocrite and say I was inspired by the Disney Ride and very Much Monkey Island, and on Strange Tides book. Jane Starling is a feminine inspired version of Jack Sparrow. Jane was inspired by Catherien Zeta Jones in Zorro, and Brienne in Song of Ice and fire, and the Captain in Treasure Planet (same writers on that did POTC OST) And we made fun of Disney's Little Mermaid too. I always list my inspirations. I wish the makers of this latets POTC movie would list theirs  as well.

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