Saturday, June 26, 2010

Image from my game Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island. If I re did the Curse of Monkey Island SE game it would look as good as this.


  1. Woah. Been waiting for years now to see some new stuff from you and thats just amazing!
    That was worth waiting for.

  2. Beautiful. I wish they were letting you do a COMI special edition!

  3. Awesome. And, even though not many comment here, I know that there's a lot of fans out there, drooling over this as much as myself :)

  4. And it looks like now Special edition of CMI. :( At least that is what LEC told me. Bummer. I want to see CMI on iPhone and iPad!

    thanks for the kind word guys! :)

  5. This is awesome!Is there any posibilty of making a Special edition of Curse of Monkey Island?

  6. Yeah, I was playing monkey island 2 on XBLA the other day. It's quite pretty but I was thinking all the way through playing it that I wish that dude from vampire story had done the graphics, then I found this blog.

    They aren't that bad the graphics but they look really rushed in places on monkey island 2 SE.

    They don't have anywhere near as nice lighting as your paitings. It was also flawed by an annoying control system which I can't help but feel would have been improved by a look at the control system for vampire story or tell tale's monkey island games.

    I still think it's possible to produce a usable system for a control pad and I'm going to be experimenting for an XBLA title in the future. There's a huge gap in the market on XBLA and PSN for point and clicks. I felt that the they should have made combining items in the inventory easier.

    Anyway, nice to see this blog and I'll be stalking you in the future, not in a rummaging through your bins and sneaking into your house and wearing your skin creepy kind of way. More of a quick look ever so often.

    I'd really like to know how you paint stuff, the size, what primer you use and what paints you use and how you enforce your palette.

    I'm just playing vooju island at the moment, the graphics are beautiful and the music is great too.

  7. MI 1 SE and MI 2 SE has semi-professional artworks... MI 2 SE is little better, but I only wished it could look like Voojoo pirates. Lucasarts artworks just clearly keep telling me, we had only 6 months deadline and we needed to save tons of money, thats why they sent it to asia studio. Those games deserve much more.

  8. I agree, but for some reason I seem to understand what the MI fans want in art and the art for special editions than do the managers at Lucas Arts. I mean they did contact me and we had a few meetings and I thought it was going to happen, but it never did. I was disappointed. :(

    the art they went with is ok, it's not bad at all, but it doesn't have that feel that the old games had and I think that is why MI2 SE didn't sell so well. Plus they should have gone with 3D characters.