Tuesday, February 3, 2009

AG Logo

Notice anything different about this logo?

Yep. The guns. I was told that might imply that adventure games have a lot of shooting. So I was asked to changed it. So I did, to an idol and a Torch. I agree. Good call AG!


  1. It looks like you tried to copy Indiana Jones and his partner Sophia Hapgood. The only differences related to the original Indiana Jones film and game posters: Sophia's wearing a hat while Indy doesn't. Indy has a significant beard. Both use one more weapon than they usually do (I've never seen Indy using both pistol and machete at the same time). And the text goes from white to orange red.^^

  2. If you hadn't changed it to the idol, how would we at AG have had something to hand out at the Aggie awards? Or maybe the award could be a golden gun?

  3. LOL. Yeah that would have been quite a site.

  4. Now all I can think of is a Bill Tiller designed Golden Gun Award.

    Maybe Mysteries For Hire needs to start an annual awards ceremony.

    I remain...

    Murderously Yours,